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A Winning Tradition

When one talks about histories greatest sports clubs and teams Manchester United has to be in the conversation. The Manchester United Football Club is probably the most popular football club in the world with an estimated 330 million supporters. The team has won the top division 17 times and are the current reigning champions of the English Premier League. In addition to that they are currently the richest football club in the world and have the highest revenue. Not only are they the kings of football, but they also are estimated to be the most valuable sports club in the world with and estimated worth of 1.8 billion U.S. dollars.

Current State Of The Club

The current manager of Manchester United is Alex Ferguson. Sir Alex was a Scottish born football player before he took over the managerial duties of Manchester United in 1986. He is considered to be the top manager in all of football and has won more trophies than anyone else in English football. He was knighted in 1999 for his services to the game.

Gary Neville is the current captain of Manchester United. He is the first captain from Greater Manchester since the late great Roger Byrne. Gary has played his entire career with Manchester United, mostly at right full back. He first began his international play in 1995 and has been the right half for England’s team for more than ten years. He holds to his credit seven Premier League titles, three FA Cups, one European Cup, and on League cup.

In addition to the captain and the coach, Manchester United also has a host of other talented players, no more so then Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the current holder of the Golden Shoe, awarded to the leading goal scorer in league matches from the division of every European national league. Basically this means that Ronaldo is the premier goal scorer in all of the European leagues. He did so with 31 goals in 2007-08.

As you can see the current state of Manchester United places them at the top of the English premier league. Whether you measure this with their coaching, their captain, or their star player Manchester U. stands head and shoulders above the competition. This continues the deep history and winning tradition of the club.

Manchester United History

The club was founded in 1878 as the Newton Heath L&YR Football Club. The team’s colours at this time were green and gold halves. They played on North Road before moving to the town of Clayton in 1893. This early time was rough for the club that would become known as Manchester united. They ended up removing the L&YR from their name going simply by Newton Heath football club and shortly thereafter almost entered bankruptcy. Just before the bailiffs were set to shut them down, J. H. Davies decided to invest in the club. Legend has it he was interested in a Saint Bernard dog owned by Harry Stafford, club captain at the time, but Harry was unwilling to part with the dog. Instead he persuaded Davies to invest in the club. At this time their name was changed to Manchester united, and soon thereafter the were promoted to the first division.

For the next twenty years or so the club was up and down and in out of the 1st and 2nd divisions. They had some success, but nothing that would approach what was coming. In 1945 Matt Busby became the manager for Manchester United and began making serious changes to the team. He wanted complete control over the team, something he could not get in Liverpool. Manchester decided to let him act on his ideas and it paid off almost immediately. The club one an FA cup in 1948, and continued their success through the mid 50’s.

In 1958 however tragedy struck the club as 8 players were killed in a plain crash. This crash probably represented the lowest point in the storied history of Manchester United. Busby managed to survive the crash, but was in hospital for 2 months and was read his last rights twice. He managed to recover and rebuilt the team into a winner in the 1960’s. Busby resigned in 1969 and the team struggled to replace him for nearly 20 years.

That brings us to the current Alex Ferguson era. This era has been the most successful in team history and they continue to play their very best football. The 1998-99 season was the most successful season ever by an English football club. Manchester managed to win The Treble, or all three championships in one season. These championships were the FA Cup, the English Premiership and the UEFA Champions League. The past is bright and the future even brighter for this Manchester United team.