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Manchester City Football Club, or MCFC for short, was founded as Saint Mark’s in 1880 at West Gorton, Manchester. In the early years the team went through several name changes before finally settling on Manchester City in 1894. The team started play in the Second Division of the Football League in 1892 and was promoted into the First Division in 1899. The team has a storied history including many matches against cross town rival Manchester United. These two teams have played some of the most spirited and competitive matches in all of English football.

The team currently plays in the English Premier League and has their home matches at the City of Manchester Stadium. They recently moved there and have only called the Eastlands home since 2003. The stadium has a seating capacity of 47,726 that can fill in to two tiers all the way around and a third tier along each of the two sides.

Manchester City has been successful at several different levels through out their history. They have managed to win the First Division twice, once in 1936-37 and the second coming in 1967-68. They also have captured the FA Cup four times. The last victory of the cup came back in 1969. Since 1970 however the team has not won a major trophy. This year they managed to capture the European Cup Winners’ Cup which went on to become the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. This lack of awards does not mean that the team has not been competitive as they have spent the majority of their time playing in the top flight in English football.

Their current home kit is coloured sky blue and white. The away kit has traditionally been red and black, but many teams playing in the Premier League have introduced different 3rd kits used in away matches and City is no exception. In recent years though City has had several different home colours ranging from white and purple to navy blue, but as of the 2008-09 have switched back to the traditional sky blue. These colours may have been worn as far back as when the team began play in the Football League. The current crest was chosen in 1997 because the previous one was ineligible to be registered as a trademark. Their have only been two crests before this, the first consisting of a round badge with the same shield on the current crest and the second being pretty much the same but having the red rose of Lancashire on it as well.

Manchester City has had many great players don the sky blue kit, but perhaps the greatest of them all was Alan Oakes. Oakes was a permanent fixture on the Man City club and began play as a fifteen year old on one of the amateur teams. He signed on professionally a year later and the rest is history. He holds two key distinctions that separate him from every other player that has played for Manchester City. The first is that he has played in the most League matches, and the second is he has been a part of more trophy winning teams then any other player in the history of Manchester City. Alan comes from a large family of footballers and has several close relatives who have played football at the highest level in England. He is the epitome of a pro, a model player for young kids to look up to.

Currently the team is ranked 9th in the Premier League. This is a precarious position because with any drop off and play the team could easily be considered for relegation. At the same time it is exciting because they are in the top ten a legitimately in striking distance of the best teams in the world. The problems for Man City right now are their goal scoring, but if these can be addressed the team could be a force in the top flight.