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Liverpool Football Club currently plays in the English Premier League and is one of the most decorated football clubs in all of Briton. They were founded in 1892, but there history really starts in the mid to late fifties. This was the time when club truly took off and became one of the greatest clubs in history.

December 1st, 1959 was the day that Bill Shankly was named the new manager for Liverpool. At this time the team was playing in the Second Division and had been trying in vain for the last 5 years to re-enter the top flight. Manager Phil Taylor was feeling the pressure and all of the close calls finally did him in and on November 17th he resigned. At the time no one would guess how great a manager Bill would become. He had been manager of several other lower tier teams, but crowds of over 45,000 screaming fans were not something he was familiar with, and he enjoyed it. He knew that with that kind of support there was no way to keep Liverpool down and they were on the verge of taking off.

Bill’s friendliness with the fans started right off the bat. This was a two way street for as much as Bill loved the fans, the fans loved him right back. His statue has one simple line that sums this mutual feeling up “He made the people happy.” He came in and turned the club on its proverbial ear, adjusting training schedules, modernising the grounds, and bringing in his own staff. This shake up worked and in 1961-62 the team was promoted to First Division. Two years later the team won the League, and has been the most successful team in England since this time. They went on to win titles 13 titles since then and now have a total of 18 Football League First Division and Premier League Championships. In addition to that they have won the FA Cup 7 times, all since their first in 1965. This success also translated to international play as well with UEFA Champions League or European Cup trophies coming to Liverpool a remarkable 5 times. They also capture both the UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup three times each.

After the 1972-73 season Bill Shankly stepped down and his assistant Bob Paisley stepped in. The team barely missed a beat. Bob managed to capture an astounding 21 trophies in Bob’s nine years managing the club. He, like his predecessor, appointed his assistant Joe Fagan as manager when he stepped down. In his first season Liverpool won the League. League Cup and European Cup becoming the first English football club to accomplish this feat. This success however would literally come crashing down in the Heysel Stadium disaster. At the European Cup final against Juventus tragedy struck when 39 fans were killed by a collapsing wall before the match. Fans from Liverpool broke through a fence separating them from the rivals from Juventus. Their weight caused the wall to collapse, killing and injuring the rival fans. Clubs from England were banned from competition for five years and Liverpool received a ten year ban. This was eventually shortened, but the effects of this disaster still linger today.

The team wen on to have success in the top league after this, but they have never been as good after this incident as they were before. While it may be a simple coincidence, the team still has a lot of ground to make up in the current league. They still regularly finish in the top half if not the top five of the Premier League, but the championships and trophies have been much more difficult to come by. They still continue to be one of the richest clubs in all of association football and with this kind of backing a comeback is just right around the corner.