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The story of the Everton Football Club is one of great triumph and great difficulty. Founded in 1878, looking back on the 130 year history shows a team that has attracted large crowds and had great rivalries, most notably with Liverpool, developed throughout their history. The original team name was Saint Domingo but this was changed to Everton a year later. They are a charter member of the Football League spent almost their entire history playing in the top tier. For a short period after World War II they dropped back into the Second Division but this was short lived. They are currently a member in the Premier League.

In the early days of Everton football was a much more informal sport. Matches were played primarily as friendlies and players would often times play for multiple teams. This all changed with the creation of the Football League however. A formal match schedule was created for the 12 original members of the Football League which has steadily expanded since then. Since its creation over 130 teams have played in the Football League and with promotion and relegation between it and the Premier League this number continues to grow.

Everton began its season in the Football League unceremoniously finishing in 8th place. They would however go on to win the title in 1890-91 mainly because of the goal scoring of Fred Geary. A small and powerful player, Geary used his speed and quickness to out pace his opponents. After their victory the team decided rather then pay an immensely inflated rate for their current home field that it would be better to purchase their own. Thus Goodison Park was born. This was historic because the park was the first of its kind; a facility completely dedicated association football. On August 24th, 1892 the first match was played in front of over 12,000 spectators. This was not only a historic moment for Everton but for football as a whole.

Everton has built off of their strong start and is currently one of the most successful English teams of all time. They have fell on harder times as of late, but still count on a strong fan base and rich history. They have been the First Division Champions 9 times in their history with the last championship coming in 1986-87. In addition to this they have captured the FA Cup five times and been runners up seven times. Their last appearance in the FA Cup final was 1995, a 1-0 victory over Manchester U.

The most common nickname for Everton is The Toffees. This nickname started about the time the moved to Goodison and has several explanations for its origins. The most common however is that it comes from Mother Noblett’s Toffee Shop which had a big presence at the stadium on match days. The team’s original colours were blue with white stripes, but this was dropped in favour of an all black kit. A scarlet sash was added to bring some colour into the uniforms. When the team moved to Goodison they adopted salmon shirts and blue shorts, then switched to ruby shirts with blue trim and dark blue shorts, and then finally settling on the royal blue jerseys that they where today.

Currently the Everton squad is on the rise and in good position to challenge the best teams in the world. If they can keep it together and drive play they should be able to do well in the Premier League, possibly even challenging for the title. There are very few teams in the world that can compete at this level, and the Toffees are one of them.