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Premier League Live – Streaming on-line

The History of the English Premier League:

The English Premier League is an English professional league which was formed on February 20, 1992. It comprises twenty different clubs or professional football teams. Since 1992 it has grown steadily in popularity and now attracts some of the best players from around the world. The English Premier League consists of twenty football teams, each of whom own a share in the league and act as shareholders. The football season runs from August to May and the teams compete against each other a total of 38 times. The English Premier League is formally sponsored by Barclay’s Bank and is officially known as the Barclay’s Premier League. The Premier League is now at the apex of the English Football system and generates a good profit through lucrative television rights and through portals offering viewing options via an on-line live Premier League streaming format. In fact, it has become one of the most profitable football leagues in the world, generating a profit in 2007-2008 of 1.93 billion pounds. Although there has been a total of 43 football teams who have competed in the English Premier League live, only four have won the title. The most outstanding club has been Manchester United who won for the eleventh time during the 2008-2009 season. It is currently the most watched football league in the world, especially with the availability of watching the Premier League live on-line.

The English Premier League Live 2009-2010 Season:

The 2009–10 English Premier League will be the eighteenth season of the League since its inception in 1992. There will be a total of twenty clubs competing against each other. The Manchester United Club will be the defending champions. As always, the season will begin on August 15 and will end the following year on May 9, 2010. All of the teams play each other twice, once at their home and once at the other team’s home location. Each team will therefor play a total of 38 games. If you for some reasong cannot atatned the games of your favourite football club, what could be a better choice than to watch live Premier League online? A team is awarded three points if they win and only one point for a draw. There are no points awarded if a team loses. At the end of the season, all the points a team has won are totaled up and the team with the most points wins the English Premier League for that particular season. The games during the season may be watched all over the world through an online live Premier League in a streaming format.

Premier League and Community Involvement

The English Premier League also maintains football academies where the talents of young footballers are nurtured and developed. Some of the teams also run programs for girls as well. The English Premier League does earmark 5% of their domestic television revenue for these youth programs. On an international level, the English Premier League has financially supported the expansion of the initiative of the combined groups of Grass-roots Soccer with the Baylor Children’s Foundation in Malawi to help with the identification of HIV-infected children infected with HIV and to make sure that they receive appropriate medical attention, education and counseling support. Since the GRS-Baylor inception more than 1,000 children have received appropriate education about HIV prevention in addition to life-skills training. In addition, at local football events 2,000 have been voluntarily tested for the HIV virus.

In summary, the live on-line football streaming format of the English Premier League games is not only entertaining but also beneficial to the communities where the clubs are located and even on an international level. The season will begin on August 15th, with the reigning champions of eleven seasons, the Manchester United Club, competing to defend their title.

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